When selling your house in Charleston

When selling your house in Charleston


Charleston is a beautiful area in the Lowcountry, and as I venture around the United States to shoot and film various projects (for my work), I often come across some interesting characters.

One of the people who I really enjoyed meeting was Sam Haynes.  I came across his post when I was searching for resources for selling my house in Charleston.  After all, I was trying to hit two birds with one stone– I shoot real estate videos for realtors, and I was actually looking to sell my house.

Sam and I met at the local Starbucks– he likes venti Pikes, by the way.  After a few minutes of talking, I knew he was the guy for the job.  They recently sold a multi-million dollar house in Mount Pleasant, and I felt confident that with their team, they would be able to help sell my house, too.

Within only few days, we started getting calls from buyers!  The house had only been on the market for less than a week.  That’s when I knew these guys were gooooooood.

Sam told me that we’d see results soon– and he was right!  Within a couple weeks, showings for the house were increasing, and not long after, buyers were knocking on our doors.

To make a long story short– we closed in less time than it usually takes people to actually start marketing their home.  Oh, in case you were wondering– yes, Sam also became a video client of mine, too.  Remember to always keep your feelers out for new opportunities.  You never know the benefits which might come your way!